About the Merle-Smiths and their mission:

Merle-Smith Sporthorses and Virginia Field Hunters are located at Sunny View Plantation in Louisa, Virginia and Silver Trophy Stables in City, Florida. Owned by Grosvenor and Rosemarie Merle-Smith along with their daughter, a professional trainer and rider, and son-in-law, Nicolette and Joel Merle-Smith have been producing sport horses for four decades. Grosvenor and Rosemarie are both ex-Masters of various hunt in Virginia, Tennessee and Ireland. Nicolette and Joel most recently competed in the 2018 1000km MONGOL DERBY, the longest and toughest horse race in the world! Nicolette has produced her own Two Star event horses and has a lovely string of up and coming completion horses. The Merle-Smiths also own and stood the German Verband licensed Holsteiner stallion, Concerto Grosso, who has produced many talented offspring.